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Cheryl Rosenfeld

Research Interest I am interested in studying the putative therapeutic effects of type I IFN on treating human endometrial cancers. Past studies have suggested that type I IFN, such as IFN-a and IFN-b, in combination with anti-estrogens might hold greater promise for treating estrogen-responsive tumors. The underlying mechanism might be that they up-regulate ER, and

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Change Tan

Research summary Mechanism of incomplete cytokinesis during germ cell development Research description Novel means of generating conditional mutations The functions of genes predicted from genome sequencing projects must be identified. This relies greatly on the analysis of loss-of-function phenotypes. Conventional gene-targeting techniques generate loss-of-function mutations by permanently deleting the specific gene of interest or by

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Dennis B. Lubahn

Educational background Degree School Location Major BS University of South Florida Tampa, Fla. Clinical Chemistry PhD Duke University Durham, N.C. Biochemistry Notable honors and service Director, MU Center for Botanical Interaction Studies Director, MU Center for Phytonutrient and Phytochemical Studies Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences, 1989-92 Research description I am the principal investigator and director

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