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Jared Decker

Jared Decker

Wurdack Chair of Animal Genomics and Associate Professor of Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences,


Research interests

Our group has various research interests, all fitting under the umbrella of computational genomics.These include:

  • Genomic prediction to enable genomic-enhanced EPDs
  • Mapping loci responding to selection
  • Genotype-by-environment interactions
  • Genetics of fertility
  • Population structure of cattle breeds
  • Demographic modelling


B.S. New Mexico State University
Ph.D. University of Missouri

Selected publications

Decker, Jared E., J. Chris Pires, Gavin C. Conant, Stephanie D. McKay, Michael P. Heaton, Kefei Chen, Alan Cooper et al. “Resolving the evolution of extant and extinct ruminants with high-throughput phylogenomics.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106, no. 44 (2009): 18644-18649.

Decker, Jared E., Daniel A. Vasco, Stephanie D. McKay, Matthew C. McClure, Megan M. Rolf, JaeWoo Kim, Sally L. Northcutt et al. “A novel analytical method, Birth Date Selection Mapping, detects response of the Angus (Bos taurus) genome to selection on complex traits.” BMC genomics 13, no. 1 (2012): 606.

Decker, Jared E., Stephanie D. McKay, Megan M. Rolf, JaeWoo Kim, Antonio Molina Alcalá, Tad S. Sonstegard, Olivier Hanotte et al. “Worldwide patterns of ancestry, divergence, and admixture in domesticated cattle.” PLoS genetics 10, no. 3 (2014): e1004254.

Decker, Jared E. “Agricultural genomics: commercial applications bring increased basic research power.” PLoS genetics 11, no. 11 (2015): e1005621.

Whitacre, Lynsey K., Polyana C. Tizioto, JaeWoo Kim, Tad S. Sonstegard, Steven G. Schroeder, Leeson J. Alexander, Juan F. Medrano, Robert D. Schnabel, Jeremy F. Taylor, and Jared E. Decker. “What’s in your next-generation sequence data? An exploration of unmapped DNA and RNA sequence reads from the bovine reference individual.” BMC genomics 16, no. 1 (2015): 1114.

Decker, Jared E., Jeremy F. Taylor, J. Kantanen, A. Millbrooke, R. D. Schnabel, L. J. Alexander, and M. D. MacNeil. “Origins of cattle on Chirikof Island, Alaska, elucidated from genome-wide SNP genotypes.” Heredity 116, no. 6 (2016): 502.

Whitacre, Lynsey K., Jesse L. Hoff, Robert D. Schnabel, Sara Albarella, Francesca Ciotola, Vincenzo Peretti, Francesco Strozzi et al. “Elucidating the genetic basis of an oligogenic birth defect using whole genome sequence data in a non-model organism, Bubalus bubalis.” Scientific reports 7 (2017): 39719.

Rowan, Troy N., Jesse L. Hoff, Tamar E. Crum, Jeremy F. Taylor, Robert D. Schnabel, and Jared E. Decker. “A multi-breed reference panel and additional rare variants maximize imputation accuracy in cattle.” Genetics Selection Evolution 51, no. 1 (2019): 1-16.

Rowan, Troy N., Harly J. Durbin, Christopher M. Seabury, Robert D. Schnabel, and Jared E. Decker. “Powerful detection of polygenic selection and evidence of environmental adaptation in US beef cattle.” PLoS genetics 17, no. 7 (2021): e1009652.