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Anand Chandrasekhar

Research Interest Researching with mice and zebrafish, he studies mechanisms involved in the development of the nervous system. He is particularly interested in the development of cranial motor neurons, which are groups of cells controlling the movement of various muscles in the vertebrate head such as the eyes and the jaw. Using cell biology and genetic

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Paula McSteen

Research summary Genetic regulation of meristem function in plants Research description POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Postdoctoral scholar and graduate student positions available now. Full time undergraduate student positions available during the summer. Email resume to Unlike animals, which make organs only during embryogenesis, plants make organs throughout their lifetime through the action of specialized groups of

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Michael Garcia

Research summary Molecular and cellular control of nerve development and disease Research description Specification of axonal diameter is a key component of motor system development and functioning, as axonal diameter is major axonal property that specifies the velocity of electrical signal conduction in the nervous system. The diameter of myelinated axonal segments (internodes) is increased

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