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Yuanyuan (Rose) Li

Research Emphasis Dr. Li’s research is primarily focused on studying the interaction of epigenetic mechanisms and environmental factors such as bioactive dietary compounds in human diseases including cancer, obesity and aging utilizing transgenic mice as main animal models. Nutrition is believed to be an important environmental factor that is involved in regulation of gene expression

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Shiyou Chen

Research Emphasis: Dr. Chen has a broad research interest in vascular biology. He has been studying molecular mechanisms underlying the development of a number of vascular diseases including abdominal aortic aneurysm, atherosclerosis, hypertension, restenosis and vascular remodeling following vascular injury such as angioplasty, etc. His efforts have been largely directed to investigate vascular smooth muscle

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Susan C. McKarns

Fields of Interest Cellular and Molecular Immunology Education Ph.D., 2001, Michigan State University Research Statement T Cell Tolerance, Autoimmunity, Epigenetics, and Regulation of T Cell Differentiation The goal of our laboratory is directed towards the prevention and treatment of human autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, and cancer. TGF-b is a family of secreted proteins that have

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