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Yuanyuan (Rose) Li

Research Emphasis Dr. Li’s research is primarily focused on studying the interaction of epigenetic mechanisms and environmental factors such as bioactive dietary compounds in human diseases including cancer, obesity and aging utilizing transgenic mice as main animal models. Nutrition is believed to be an important environmental factor that is involved in regulation of gene expression

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Jeffrey N. Bryan

Research interests Dr. Bryan’s research focuses on comparative examination of cancers in companion animals to better understand cancers in all species. Bryan is an associate professor of veterinary oncology and director of the Comparative Oncology and Epigenetics Laboratory. His particular areas of interest are targeted imaging and therapy and epigenetics of cancer. Targeted imaging and

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James M. Amos-Landgraf

Research Emphasis: Our laboratory studies human colon cancer through the use of animal models. Using genetically engineered models of colon cancer in the mouse rat and pig, we are better able to understand the molecular genetic events that influence the initiation and progression of cancer.  To help us understand human colon cancer development and discover potential

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