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Guangfu Li

Research Emphasis: Dr. Guangfu Li is studying liver fibrosis, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer. Using cells, animal models and human biopsies, Dr. Li focuses on elucidating the underlying mechanisms mediating fibrosis, tumor growth and metastasis and tumor-induced immune tolerance. Based on the findings, Dr. Li aims to develop effective molecularly targeted diagnosis, molecularly targeted

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Habib Zaghouani

Fields of Interest Cellular Immunology Education Ph.D. 1987, University of Paris, France Research Statement T cells in Immunity and Autoimmunity. Four research projects that focus on the biology of T cells and their role in immunity and autoimmunity are being pursued in my laboratory. The first, concerns investigation of the mechanism by which myelin-reactive T

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Susan C. McKarns

Fields of Interest Cellular and Molecular Immunology Education Ph.D., 2001, Michigan State University Research Statement T Cell Tolerance, Autoimmunity, Epigenetics, and Regulation of T Cell Differentiation The goal of our laboratory is directed towards the prevention and treatment of human autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, and cancer. TGF-b is a family of secreted proteins that have

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