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Shuping Zhang

Research Emphasis  Antimicrobial Peptides for Therapeutic Applications Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance using Phenotypic and Genomic Approaches (Whole Genome Sequencing) Molecular Diagnostic Assay Development and Validation Microelectromechanical System (MEMS)-Based Detection of pathogens and Toxins Education BVS, Shanxi Agricultural University, China MS, Northwest Agricultural University, China PhD, Kansas State University Diplomat, American College of Veterinary Microbiologists Publications

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Pamela Brown

Research summary Molecular basis for polar growth in Agrobacterium tumefaciens Research description POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Postdoctoral scholar, graduate student, laboratory technician, and undergraduate student positions available now. Email resume to My lab is interested in understanding the principles that govern bacterial morphology, a readily observable facet of microbial cell biology. One of the major unsolved

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