Genetics Area Program Faculty

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How to become a member of the Genetics Area faculty

All new faculty must be approved by August 1 in order to appear on the GAP directory for the following academic year.

  • In order to join the Genetics Area Faculty, you must be nominated by a current member of the Genetics Area Faculty or by the academic unit with which you are affiliated. Nominations should be made in the form of an application for membership in the Graduate Faculty and forwarded to the Chair of the Executive Committee (John Cannon).
  • An affirmative vote of a majority of the members is required for you to be accepted. Elections for the purpose of accepting new members will be held by e-mail or at the regularly scheduled business meeting.
  • Nominations must be accompanied by evidence of effective teaching and/or recent independent research in the form of reprints or manuscripts accepted for publication in a referred scientific journal. The research must be beyond your doctoral dissertation research. In general, the equivalent of two recent (past two years) publications will be required. If you do not have a doctoral degree, you may be accepted on the basis of your individual qualifications.
  • Membership in the Genetics Area Program also requires membership in the Graduate Faculty. If you have not previously been approved as a member of the Graduate Faculty, the Chair of the Executive Committee will forward your application to the Graduate Dean certifying that you have been approved by the Genetics Faculty.

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